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Anne McMullin


"A native Islander, I first came to love knitting and crocheting at an early age.  My widowed grandmother would send me off to Condon's woollen Mill on Queen Street in Charlottetown to purchase skeins of yarn for her to knit socks for the Red Cross, she did so during the Second World War and later into the 1950s. I loved the smell of the yarn, the beautifully dyed colours, those memories will never leave me. She taught me the knit and purl stitches and when she began crocheting Afghans she taught me the chain stitch as well as the single and double crochet stitches and how to make a grannie square.

Through the years, with help from books my knitting and crocheting skills matured. I am now 39, not counting the 38 years of overtime added on to that of course, and have used my knitting and crocheting skills to make things for others. I have taught beginning knitting for two years to grade four students in the 1980s, have knit 100 pairs of mitts for a hospital foundation in the early 90s, then challenged myself again around 2005 and made another 100 pairs of mitts and donated them to the Salvation Army in Charlottetown. I have also decorated a Christmas tree with mitts for a Festival of trees one year, the next year, I decorated one with crocheted Christmas ornaments. Both trees raised a significant amount of money for charity.

I have listed names of people and calculated that I've made and given away over 105 afghans in my lifetime, not including baby Afghans, I have probably made and given away about 20 of them. Knitting and crocheting and creating things are my hobbies, my relaxation, I love making things and sometimes creating my own pattern with my own imagination. I use acrylic yarn, alpaca yarn, wool from MacAusland Woolen Mills, mercerized crocheted cotton and have even knit part of a sweater with ribbon. I do make a lot of Christmas ornaments, crocheted and painted for family and friends.  I have crocheted only one table cloth in my life and that will be the only one!"



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14 Hebrew Ave. Souris PEI

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