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Lindsey Ross

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Lindsey Ross is an illustrator from Eastern Prince Edward Island. She works full time in the creation of her original illustrations, most often created with archival ink and watercolours. 

“Pen and ink has long been my medium of choice, because it’s just about unforgiving. There’s no undo button- When a stroke goes rogue, you’re forced to work with it. The ability to create something beautiful from that rogue stroke has always been deeply satisfying to me. My process does always begin in pencil, but just as an outline. The real work is done with pen, in varying line widths.”

Lindsey’s work is heavily influenced by maritime life, from a nostalgia felt during travels to first hand experience. 

“My past work is heavily influenced by nostalgia. A longing to be home, to be on the East Coast. To be living here and thriving here. Many of my pieces came from homesickness, drawn while living in Vietnam or Vancouver. Sort of immersing myself in a culture I missed.

My current work is the outcome of that dream coming true. I have been focusing on the local nature and wildlife- Showing the joy of being home, the joy of maritime life, and the joy of a slow pace.”

As of June of 2019, Lindsey made the leap to become a full time artist. She now sells her works via Etsy, and through many local stores across the Atlantic provinces and beyond. 

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