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AOM Membership

Join us as an artist

AOM Yearly Membership Information

  • All art will be juried using the guideline of Prince Edward Islands Craft council's standards.

  • All art must be the original, hand-produced work of the artist.

  • The artist must share in the expenses of the gallery.  This comes from the sale of the artist’s work.

  • Fees:  A yearly membership fee of $75.00 is payable to Artisans on Main. AOM (Souris) Inc. will retain either a 20% or 40% commission on all sales generated from the gallery depending on type of membership.

  •  Those members who choose a 20% commission have work responsibilities equaling approximately 21 hours per month   (I.E. three 7 hour shifts at the gallery.  When available other work responsibilities may include social media, marketing, jurying, etc).

  • All members are expected to attend membership meetings and the annual general meeting.

  • Members are expected to attend special events, become a board member or serve on a committee.

  • Members agree to sell their work either directly themselves or consign at other galleries and shops at no less than the price it is listed at AOM (Souris) Inc.

  • Members will have a four month (June 1st-September 30th) permanent space as well as a Christmas craft show in December to sell their products with AOM (Souris) Inc.

  • From the fees and commissions AOM (Souris) Inc. will pay for expenses associated with operating the Gallery – rent, utilities, insurance, basic display fixtures, advertising, packing material, office supplies, credit card fees, etc.  Members requiring special display fixtures for their work may be required to supply these and will be subject to the approval of AOM (Souris) Inc.

  • Members will have the opportunity to participate in group shows,  present an authentic Island experience or demonstrate their creative work.

  • Members accept all risk of lost, stolen, damaged or destroyed product while it in possession of AOM (Souris) Inc.

  • Artists are required to be re-juried after a two year absence as a paying member of AOM (Souris) Inc.

  • All artists agree to not remove their product from the AOM premises before the shop closes for the season.


AOM Jury Application 2024

2024 Membership Form

2024 Inventory Sheet

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